Welcome to Leah’s (like Leia) site for poetry and prose.

On this platform I’ll be sharing writings of mine! Old and new content in poetry and prose that I reflect on, and will add a photography portfolio soon as well. I hope you enjoy and find ways to cultivate your own interests and creativity! Unless otherwise stated, all images and texts shared are my own.

Latest from the Blog

A lesson in snowboarding

One of my goals when I moved to Breckenridge, CO was to learn to snowboard and advance enough to be comfortable on beginner (green) and intermediate (blue) runs. For a six month season, this goal seemed pretty attainable. I started with a half day lesson on the bunny slopes, with a friend teaching me theContinue reading “A lesson in snowboarding”

A collection

I want my life to be a collection not of things but of dreams. Of laughter, and tears, a collection of the memories that make the years blur together through squinted eyes, crows feet from smiles. A collection of the miles driven, run, biked and walked. Of long meaningful talks, endless nights and short fights.Continue reading “A collection”

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